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We are already there! photo closeup portraits.jpg
Lana Murdochy We are already there! .jpg

Installation view of We are already there at Het Glazen Huis, Amsterdam, HD video and watercolour on paper, 2019

03:48/15:00 mins

I facilitated a portrait painting workshop throughout my time at Sandberg Instituut. Over time we became very close and I created a short film documenting this groups work.



Myself and a small team of organisers co-produced the Visual Arts Festival Zanzibar. A week long, bi-annual arts festival, that exhibited over 65 artists alongside a week worth of events. This week long festival was supported by a school and community driven programme such as artistic workshops and a series of talks.

Flyer_WA Image 2019-09-28 contacts (1).j

Visual Arts Festival Zanzibar

Process of a pot-maker

Throughout the Visual Arts Festival Zanzibar, I facilitated a film-making workshop. A group of female Zanzibari artists created a film exploring female pot makers in a region of the island. 


Process of a Pot Maker, still from 2-chanel HD Video, 2019

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