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STRANGERS, group show, rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2022

Exhibition: 12 - 26th November 12- 6pm

Sick & tired is full of holes, germs and bodily fluids. This group of works have a temperature and needs emergency help.

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Sick & tired

RW (13).jpg

Sick & tired, recycled fabric, various dimensions, 2022


Frank and Larry, tiefkeller, still from video, 2020

2:59 mins -

Exhibition: 15th February - 1st May

Frank and Larry shows a troupe of ballet dancers as they move on a large scale chessboard in an orderly and well-timed manner. As time goes on the dancers begin to unfurl and the dancers descends into chaos.

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Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 15.05.02.png

Frank and Larry

Linking scenery


Two artists experiment how to work across the world from one another as we live in an ecological emergency. They produced two series together, each story consists focuses on a different keyword where they share their similarities and differences as they come from various different cultures.

Linking_Scenery_A2_screen copy.jpg

Tear-away poster for Linking Scenery, Follow, Fellow, Feed.

Lana Murdochy and Younwon Sohn, 2020.

Poster with Kakao ID, each story is 20-minutes long, series of 7 stories.


Chat in the park

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chat in the park exhibition image.png

A chat in the park, still from HD video, 2018

2:37 mins -

A long-standing cabaret performer from a queer bar in Amsterdam talks about her experience with her mother. As an audience you wonder if she is playing a character or not as these stories are obviously not her own.


carmilla2 image.png
Carmilla image.png

Carmilla, split screen projection, 2017

10:56 -

An adaptation of pioneering lesbian fiction novel 'Carmilla'

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